Save the Children

IFR has been supporting this vital cause since the first Awards Dinner 25 years ago.  Thanks to the generosity of the investment banking community we have raised more than £28million to help save children’s lives.

This year, the 25th IFR Awards Dinner raised £885,232, with Citigroup leading the way by generously pledging £500,000. You can view the tombstone here.

We hope that, through your generosity, we can raise a similar amount for this worthy cause at January 2020’s event.


Save the Children stands side by side with children in the toughest places to be a child. They fight for children every single day. They do whatever it takes to make sure they survive, get protection when they’re in danger and have the chance to learn.  They believe that every child should be able to make their mark on their world, realise their full potential and help to build a better future.

In January 2019, Matthew Davies, IFR, and Steve Garton, IFR Asia, went to Indonesia with Alexandra Umpleby from BNP Paribas and Mr Thomas Lau from HSBC, to see Save the Children’s work first hand and the difference the IFR Awards makes to children’s lives.

Following the volcanic eruption and tsunami in December 2018, they met families that had been forced to leave their homes in search for water, leaving everything behind. At least 40% of Indonesians live in areas that are prone to natural disasters. Save the Children works closely with the local government all year round to ensure communities are well prepared for emergencies.

When a crisis does happen, Save the Children are there and ready to send help immediately.

If you would like to find out more about Save the Children’s work, please contact Lisa Allcott at

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